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Top League of Legends Action Figures for Collectors

So you’re a fan of league of legends – the MOBA that is one of the best in the genre and is increasingly popular around the world? We love it too! While Dota 2 gives it stiff competition, diehard LoL players are loyal, living, eating and breathing the game and it’s vast champion base. If you’re looking for the best league of legends action figures to further show your love of the game, you’re right at home.

Since LoL has a lot of champions, it’s hard to pick and choose, but we are starting this list with the top 10 league of legends action figures that are hot with collectors and will be adding more with time.

#1. League of Legends Lux Action Figure Toy

lol action figure lux

Lux is one of the most popular league of legends champions and this is a beautiful Lux action figure for LoL fans. Whether you’re a mid-laner or a support, you gotta have Lux in your arsenal of LoL champs, so hurry up and get this 12-inch high quality action figure.

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#2. League of Legends Ekko Action Figure Toy

ekko lol action figure

Ekko, also known as the boy who shattered time, is another recent but popular champ and this LoL action figure of him is a very high quality work, standing at about 7.8 inches and coming with both a stand and Ekko’s weapon. If you’re a fan, this is a good buy.

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#3. League of Legends Aatrox Action Figure Toy

aatrox lol action figure

Aatrox is the popular top-lane warlord champ whose bloodlust knows no bounds. Fueled by pain, this league champ is beautifully designed and the essence is nicely captured by this action figure. Standing at 7.8 inches, this LoL action figure will set you back just under $50, but is worth the buy if you’re a fan.

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#4. League of Legends Ahri Action Figure

Ahri Action Figure League of Legends

Ahri is another really popular mid-lane LoL champ who has a lot of skins, including the Popstar Ahri, flaunting a pink color palette with a lot of in-game effects. Meanwhile, this action figure also captures the same look, standing up around 12 inches, it’s a result of great craftsmanship and is worth a buy.

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#5. League of Legends Jax Action Figure

league of legends jax action figure

Jax is a popular top-laner with a fair bit of tankiness and lethal ability combos that can take down any LoL champ. If you’re a fan of the grandmaster, you will love this high quality action figure standing at 7.2 inches with the rock base.

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#6. League of Legends Twisted Fate Action Figure

twisted fate lol action figure

The master of cards, Twisted Fate is one of the early seasons LoL champ with a unique ability set, including the power to teleport instantly to anywhere on the map. Suffice to say he has a good fan following and this League of Legends action figure does the card master justice.

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#7. League of Legends Zed Action Figure

Zed Action Figure League of Legends

Zed is the master of shadows, a ninja like no other, and a stealthy assassin who can come in for the quick kill and disappear without a trace. This collectable Zed action figure shows Zed in all his glory, complete with his blades and signature pose.

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#8. League of Legends Kha’zix Action Figure

khazix league of legends action figure

Kha’zix is the all powerful jungle assassin who can evolve his abilities to turn into either a tanky jungler or a killer assassin. This mecha Kha’zix action figure stands 10 inches tall and is a faithful representation of the LoL champ.

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#9. League of Legends Yasuo Action Figure

yasuo action figure league of legends

Yasuo is all about swinging that sword and slashing his way to victory and this Yasuo High Noon action figure for League of Legends fans captures the same spirit. Built well, this action figure stands 7 inches tall and comes with its own stand and a preset pose.

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#10. League of Legends Jinx Action Figure

Lol Action Figure Jinx

Jinx is a fan favorite ADC in League of Legends, packing a good amount of firepower with scaling damage. She is a little crazy, and this action figure shows her in all her craziness. Standing tall at 10 inches, get the loose cannon today.

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what do you guys think of these League of Legends action figures? Will you be buying any for yourself or a gift for someone else? Share your thoughts via the comments below.

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